18 Ways to Make Your Dog Love You More Than Their Snack

By Lucas’s friend - 14 Sep 2023

Dogs are known for their unwavering love for treats and snacks, but there's no denying that the bond between a dog and its owner is truly special. If you're looking to strengthen your connection with your furry friend, here are 18 heartwarming ways to make your dog love you more than their favorite snack.


1. Walk your dog at the lakeside

Break the monotony of your daily park routine and treat your furry friend to an unexpected adventure in a brand-new setting. Instead of going to the park, find a day to surprise your dog with a new environment. This spontaneous change adds an extra layer of excitement to your bond.

Walk your dog at the lakeside


2. Teach your dog a new trick

Teaching your dog a new trick is like opening a door to a world of fun and bonding. It's a chance to watch their eager eyes light up as they master something new. It deepens your connection while revealing their intelligence.


3. Pet-Friendly Escapes

Enjoy a relaxing stay at a pet-friendly hotel or cozy bed and breakfast. These cozy accommodations are perfect for creating cherished memories together, making your trip even more special.
Sekeping Serendah
Glamz At Genting - Glamping


4. Organize a puppy party

Planning and hosting a puppy party can be a fantastic way to bring together your furry friend for a day filled with tail-wagging excitement and social interaction. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion like your pup's birthday or just want to create a fun gathering for dogs and their owners, a puppy party is a delightful way to strengthen the bonds between dogs and humans.


5. Indoor Adventures

Make a fun obstacle course inside your home using brooms, chairs, and blankets. Your dog will have a blast jumping, crawling, and exploring. It's a great way to play together and exercise their body and mind, all while strengthening your bond through shared playtime.

indoor obstacle with dog


6. Hide and Seek

Engage your dog's incredible sense of smell with a fun game of hide and seek indoors. Hide treats or toys in various spots around the house. It's an exciting and mentally stimulating activity that keeps them engaged while reinforcing their natural instincts.


7. Road Trip

Get ready for an exciting adventure by packing your bags and hitting the road with your furry companion. Choose dog-friendly destinations and accommodations as you explore new places together.

Road Trip with dog


8. Go on a Camping trip

Few things compare to a camping trip. Sleeping under the stars in the wild with the best companion by your side creates lasting bonds. It's a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relish the simplicity and beauty of the great outdoors with your trusted four-legged friend.
Little Habitat Camp

Camping with dog


9. Park Picnic

Prepare a delightful picnic basket and head to a pet-friendly park for a shared meal with your beloved dog. As you sit together on a blanket, this simple yet heartwarming activity allows you both to savor the outdoors while enjoying each other's company.
Pet-friendly Park in Malaysia


10. Captured Memories

Capture precious memories with your camera, even if your dog is a bit camera-shy. A photography session is an opportunity to freeze moments in time that you and your furry friend will treasure forever.


11. Nap Time

Enjoy a leisurely nap together, embracing the simple joys of relaxation. As you snuggle up, feeling the comforting warmth and the softest fur of your loyal companion, you both will find peace in the simplicity of the moment.

Nap time with dog


12. Cafe Hopping

If your dog is a social butterfly, take them to a dog-friendly café, where they can soak up the attention. It's not just a coffee outing; it's an opportunity for your furry friend to socialize, make new furry pals, and enjoy the human-pet bond that makes these outings special.
Pawse & Play


13. Have a Steak Dinner

As you cook the steak, your dog's excitement will grow, knowing that something special is in the works. Sitting down together to savor the meal, you'll both relish each bite, creating a unique dining experience. It's more than just food; it's a moment of togetherness.


14. Massage Your Pup

Pamper your furry friend with a soothing massage session that will make them feel cherished and adored. As you gently knead away their tensions and anxieties, you'll create a deep sense of comfort and relaxation.


15. Take Your Dog to Work

Let your furry friend experience your workplace.  It's a chance for your dog to witness your daily activities and meet your colleagues. However, ensure your workplace is pet-friendly and considerate of your colleagues' comfort.

Work Office with dog


16. Swim in the Ocean

When you find yourself near the coast, take the opportunity to share a refreshing ocean swim with your furry companion. The sound of the waves, and the sensation of the water create an exhilarating experience for them.


17. Homemade Treats

Create dog-friendly ice cream for a sweet and refreshing homemade treat. You can blend ingredients like yogurt and peanut butter, then freeze the mixture into dog-friendly molds. When it's ready, share this cool treat with your furry friend on a sunny day. 


18. Go to somewhere cold

Head to Cameron Highlands where the cool climate and breathtaking scenery await you and your four-legged companion. Visit pet-friendly farms, and enjoy the cold weather.



Remember, each dog is unique, so adapt these activities to suit your furry friend's personality and preferences. While treats are delightful, the love and companionship you offer will always be their favorite reward. Invest time, attention, and care into your relationship, and you'll find that your dog's love for you easily surpasses their love for any snack.

thank you dog



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