Pawse & Play - Pet friendly Cafe near Pavilion Bukit Jalil

By Lucas’s friend - 23 Oct 2023

Dine in at Pawse & Play, scan the QR at the couter and post a review to receive 10% discount* on beverages and desserts!

Pawse & Play in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, is a welcoming place for pet owners and animal lovers. The café is open to both people and pets, and it offers a menu with various tasty dishes, including chicken, pork, and mackerel rice bowls.

What makes Pawse & Play special is that they also have a menu just for pets. Your furry friends can enjoy treats like Pumpkin Soup Chicken noodle, Salmon Pizza and Pork Loin Nasi Lemak.

The cafe aims to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone can dine together, whether they have two legs or four. It's a great spot for enjoying good food while spending quality time with your pets.



Pawse & Play hosts monthly pet events like Happy Furkids Day, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day, Schnauzer Day, Chihuahua Day, and Border Collie Day, offering enjoyable gatherings for various pet enthusiasts.


Not to be forgotten, the cafe is home to three resident dogs: Mocha, Mia, and Luffy. Mia and Luffy are outgoing and love to play, while Mocha is a bit more reserved. Bring your dog to meet these friendly canine companions at Pawse & Play.

Pawse & Play - Pet Friendly Cafe

Pawse & Play
58-2, Jalan Jalil 1, The Earth.
011-6329 1406
🈺 Business Hour
Mon, Wed, Thu      11am - 9pm (Kitchen close @ 8:30pm)
Friday                      11am - 10pm (Kitchen close @ 9:30pm)
Sat, Sun                  10am - 10pm (Kitchen close @ 9:30pm)
Tuesday                     Close

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