Pawty Time Cafe - Pet friendly cafe in Cheras

By Lucas’s friend - 25 Nov 2023

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Explore the pet-friendly cafe - Pawty Time Cafe, located in Cheras near Taman Midah MRT Station. This chill spot is open for all furry friends, and well-behaved pets are allowed to roam around the cafe. The outdoor area is securely gated, so you have no worries even if someone opens the door.

The warm and roomy atmosphere provides a soothing space for both people and their furry pals. Whether catching up with friends or spending quality time with your pets, Pawty Time Cafe offers a relaxed setting.

Upon entering the cafe, you'll be greeted by three charming resident pooches: Xiaobai, Tan Tan, and MeiMei.

If you're accompanied by a male dog, kindly ensure he wears a diaper to avoid any marking incidents.

The menu has a variety of choices, from brunch items and croissants to pastries, pasta, and rice bowls; there's something for everyone. Try out their latte, adorned with adorable paw prints, for an extra touch of charm.

Moreover, your furry friends have their own menu too! 

Adding to the charm is a mini pet store on the corner, offering pet treats, supplies and merchandise.

Pawty Time Cafe is also an ideal venue for hosting special occasions like birthdays and reunions, making it the perfect place for a pet party.


Pawty Time - Pet Friendly Cafe

📅 Weekdays 11am - 6pm
Weekends 10am - 8pm
(Closed on Thursday) 
📍  155G, JLN LANCHANG, TAMAN SRI BAHTERA Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
🐕  Pets are allowed indoors and outdoors


Photo credit to @d_chum

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